Fruit Vision
Harvesting and packing

A growing population means growers have clear requirements to improve their practices so we can maintain supply to the demand.

Sustainability is at our core so we can guarantee that you'll continue to get your share of apples and pears for years to come. Many of our growers work tirelessly to improve their global footprint and enhance methods of growing, harvesting and packing to lessen the impact on both the environment and local wildlife. 

That’s why we invest time into carefully choosing our growers and partners to ensure they share our beliefs and practices.

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Harvesting and Packing

The finest international growers

We work with the finest international growers, providing premium quality produce with a first-class service.

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Consistency in every crop

Every year, we sell over 40 million apples and pears - that's more than enough to cover every English Premier League football pitch.

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Quality in every bite

We only work with approved registered growers and suppliers who maintain strict codes of practice and BRC Global standards.

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On the move

We believe that no apple or pear should cost the earth, our growers and partners march tirelessly to improve their global footprint.

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Happy retailers

Our global operation believes growers and consumers to be intrinsically linked.

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Satisfied customers

With around 85 million tonnes of apples grown each year and the average person eating 65 units a year, Fruit Vision knows the market inside out.

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